Learning Objectives: This course aims to give students a brief introduction of TCM as an alternative medical treatment. The scope of the course is to provide an understanding to the human physiological and pathological pathways, as well as the different basic principles used in TCM for disease prevention. Content: The lectures will cover the subjects of basic theory of traditional Chinese Medicine, diagnosis, Chinese material medica and TCM formulary Basic theory of TCM will contain Yin-Yang, Five Elements, Zang-Xiang (viscera and their manifestations),Qi, Blood, Body Fluid, Collateral Meridians, together with causes of disease, pathogenesis, prevention and therapeutic principles. Diagnostic TCM will include diagnostic methods and differentiation of syndromes. Chinese material medica will introduce properties and actions of Chinese medicinal herbs, processing of Chinese herbs, ... (Read More)compatibility of Chinese medicinal herbs, contraindication of Chinese medicinal herbs, dosage, administration and also specific discussions of different classes of Chinese medicinal herbs. TCM formulary will mainly focus on the source, ingredients, directions, actions, clinical application and elucidating cautions of popular formulas that are used in the clinic.
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