This course provides an introduction to the scientific study of human languages. This is also referred to as Linguistics. The course answers fundamental questions such as these: How does language work? How does language shape our thoughts and behaviour? Do men and women speak differently? Can language be used to solve crimes? The study of human language is divided into several areas which include language sounds and patterns, the relationship between words, sentence structure and word meaning. This linguistic knowledge is then applied in various disciplines ranging from psychology and sociology to education and computer science.

Chen Hui Min

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It sounded like an interesting module but I guess I didn't have the interest in linguistics. Some of my friends took it and loved it, so it depends on your personal preference.

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MCQ quizzes during the term, and short answer final exam. The quizzes were quite easy, I didn't study much cos I was planning to SU but I still got a decent grade for them. You have to work harder if you want your A though.

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The prof was ok.

Review posted on February 9, 2011
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